Kooboo 3.0.3 released

Kooboo 3.0.3 released

Kooboo released the 3.0.3 version of their CMS today and it looks promising. The first thing one encounters is the ‘Empty site’ template wich elemininating the need of having to clean new sites after creation. ¬†Folder based role management on content is another nice addition. I had some issues with Ravendb on 3.0.2 and i guess i got confirmed that it wasnt just me since the Ravendb support is pulled in 3.0.3.

If your in need of a content oriented MVC CMS and havent tried kooboo yet then do yourself a favor and check it out!

More information at http://forum.kooboo.com/yaf_postst1042_Release-of-Kooboo-CMS-3-03.aspx

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