My first Kooboo 3 site done

My first Kooboo 3 site done

Finished recently, a quick project wich is the first that i have built on kooboo 3. This site used a module and, though the learning threshold is higher in v3, i like what the have made to the module development. You can for example import only the content types you need to interact with avoiding using the entire site. Except for the module (that is used to return some json results) everything on the site is standard Kooboo functionality.

2 thoughts on “My first Kooboo 3 site done

  1. Hi

    I am jifeng from kooboo cms. Please contact me, I am doing the work to change the module development structure. I think it’d better to discuss with you.

  2. Hej!

    Finns källkoden att se någonstans? Håller på att titta på Kooboo men dokumentationen är minst sagt mager och jag hade gärna tagit del av lite mer exempelkod än den som finns.

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