About me

About me

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My name is Daniel  and i am a 40+ year old IT professional living in southern Sweden. I first twelve years of my IT career was spent in IT operations, support and management. I worked with most MS products found in an ordinary corporate environment (for example Windows Server, Virtualization products like VMWare and Hyper-V, AD and SCCM). I gradually got into programming and scripting which i decided to focus my attention fully on instead. I currently work with Sharepoint primarily, but i like to code in net core very much.

My first real electronic encounter was with an Atari 2600, playing DigDug, Asteroids, Berzerk and other classic games. I later got upgraded to a Commodore 64 which i used mostly for gaming but also wrote my first lines of code on. After the C64 followed Amiga which was in time replaced by a Pentium 166MHz MMX PC and i have stayed with PCs ever since. 

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